Next Generation Sunday at Crosspointe Church

“This is a church that loves kids. This is a church that loves students. This is a church that loves young adults. This is a church that is multigenerational and as you look around our church you will see lots of generations and I believe that is what Heaven is going to look like.” – Brian Moore

Most of us have a blueprint for our family and our home. We want to make sure that our children follow those plans and blueprints at all times. We want our children to play sports, learn music and arts, go to college, learn to be successful and make money. If you’re a follower of Jesus, we took a look at Psalm 127 where we are reminded that the most important thing God wants you to do for your home is teach your children to Find & Follow Jesus. All of your blueprints are good things, but they should be secondary to the most important thing. You have to be intentional, surrendering your kids to God and allowing Him to work in their lives.

We spend so much of our time and energy focusing on the next generation because we believe that they are going to change this world. We recognize that our kids are gifts from the Lord, such a blessing in our lives and we pour in to the children of our church and honor that gift. We are all working to build our children up and partnering with families during this crucial time is extremely important to our team here at Crosspointe.

This week’s message takes a look at a few important questions.

  • Are you proactive or reactive?
  • Peaceful or stressed?
  • Rested or Tired?
  • Could our busyness be a sign of brokenness?

Check out this video to hear Pastor Brian’s full message.

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