Your stories at Crosspointe Church share how Jesus moves in our church. Crosspointe Church is all about keeping it real. That's why we want to share the stories of every day people just like you and how Jesus is alive in them.

Found and Following with the Crockett Family

With a deep desire to raise their kids to live for a bigger purpose, the Crockett family began the process of fostering to adopt. After having kids of their own, two amazing boys were placed in their lives through the foster care system. What God did next was absolutely amazing and the timing…unbelievable!

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Found and Following with Dylan Allee

As a child of divorce and parents that were rarely around, Dylan found himself in the grip of addiction. He was violent, kicked out of multiple schools and reckless with his life until he remembered the words from his grandmother: “You’re not done yet!”. Watch the story of Dylan’s progression of faith as he found sobriety, friendship and true community at Crosspointe.

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Found and Following with Lisa and Jim

What happens when life is going well and then you are faced with a scary diagnosis of cancer? Watch Alisa and Jim’s story of healing and how many of their family members found new life through a series of miracles in their lives. This is an incredible story of hope and deliverance that is sure to strengthen your faith and give you a positive outlook on what God may have for your future.

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