Events at Crosspointe Church

Starting Pointe

If you haven't yet taken that first step to connect here at Crosspointe then our Starting Pointe class is for you!

The Starting Pointe class is an opportunity for you to take the next steps in your faith with Jesus, meet new people, find out more about our vision and values, and discover how you can become part of the story that God is writing at Crosspointe. By attending the Starting Pointe class you are NOT making the commitment to become a member (though you will have the option to become a member at the end of the class).

The Next Starting Pointe Class is Sunday, September 22, 2019 at 12:30PM in the Next Steps Room.


This is a time to celebrate with those who are taking their next step by going public with their faith through baptism! If you would like to be take your next step and get baptized you can sign up today!

Our next Baptism at Crosspointe Church is on Sunday, September 15, 2019 during both the 930AM and 11AM services!

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Team Night is a mandatory church-wide volunteer training night where we take the time to get together  and celebrate our volunteers and train and prepare them for the upcoming year of serving here at Crosspointe Church! This event is for every person who currently volunteers and anyone who is interested in volunteering with a ministry!

You may be asking, why should I go to Team Night? Here are four great reasons!

  1. To rehearse and prepare for the weekends.
  2. Because we love hanging out.
  3. To inspire each other and instill courage.
  4. Shape our culture.

We are committed to creating environments where people can find and follow Jesus and Team Night will be a key catalyst in that vision!

*Dinner and childcare(birth through kindergarten) is provided.